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The Kissing Booth set up

How does it work?

The Kissing Booth has been designed to be flexible in most spaces, indoor and out. We will come to your party venue and liaise with you and the venue to decide where best to put it.

The Booth itself is an artisan creation, hand made just for us from Canadian maple and covered in high quality wool fabric. It wraps party goers in 18th century luxury and can be set up in a footprint of 2 metres square.

Inside the booth you will find no controls, no instructions and no restrictions. The technical wizardry at the heart of the Kissing Booth can sense visitors as they walk in and strives to encourage spontaneous shots using the very best in bespoke artificial intelligence to ensure guests never know quite what to expect.

However all this 21st century technology is hidden away inside quality vintage fittings. At no point would anyone ever assume there was anything more futuristic than clockwork and steam making the magic happen. Our software and electrics are developed in house and are not available from anyone else.

Before the event starts, we will set the booth up. Once your party is underway, we’ll stick around as well, just in case you have any questions.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to view all the photos online and choose which ones you would like to have printed. Great grandma Agnes working a batman costume? Priceless.

(A video of Chris putting up the booth at The Inner Temple, London)
The vintage photobooth at the heart of the Kissing Booth